Sale Commissions Gap and FAQ

Hey guys! Just wanted to give my commissioners a heads up. I will be moving cross country this week. Due to that I will be working on commissions, but at a much slower pace for that week. I will however, not be able to answer emails back as much as internet will be intermittent. In the meantime here’s some faqs.

  • I am currently working on slots 52 and 53 so I am about 20% done.
  • All commissions with due dates are still on track, no worries.
  • If I gave you a slot number, I have accepted your commission and have no plans on dropping people, even if there wasn’t a timely response. If you’d still like the slot, it’s waiting for you.
  • If there is no payment, or no response from you and I pass your slot, I will pick you up as soon as those issues have been resolved.

Thanks again guys! I’ll see you when I get to my new state :).

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