You may have noticed there are not really 45 main (or even ancillary) characters to fill up the days. That’s because I left a chunk for theoretical MCU participants. So this is an open call for your favorite character who you think should be in MCU.

I have three slots remaining for public choice, and which character goes in them depends a lot on what y’all want and what I can convincingly MCU-tize.


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114 Notes

  1. harrolddodge answered: Tommy Shepherd (Speed) or X-23 or Kate Bishop :)
  2. avenging-queen-bee answered: Wasp
  3. agntcarters answered: Molly Hayes?
  4. mcufilms answered: Sigyn!
  5. marvelfreshman answered: I’d really like to see either a descent Ant-Man or Black Panther. Awesome job so far BTW:)
  6. rae-out answered: kate bishop?
  7. dragonquasar answered: I don’t know if you already have Kate Bishop on the list or not, but if you don’t, can you? Please?
  8. chorusofmuses answered: Mockingbird, Banshee or Medusa would be amazing!
  9. nightmareduringxmas answered: Quicksilver! Speed! Aurora! Northstar! Lightspeed! hjshdjhjshdjhsjdhjhvnuif all the speedsters! <3 Btw, you’re doing a beautiful work! <3
  10. soullesssandals answered: Howard the Duck (if you’re up for a challenge)
  11. lucdarling answered: Matt Murdock (Daredevil) if he’s not already on your list. Please?
  12. wintesoldier answered: kate bishop(hawkeye)
  13. anaspiringlibrarian answered: Wiccan/Billy Kaplan
  14. wrangletangle answered: I assume since you said YA were on the list, that Kate and Cassie might be possibilities? 1 vote for either!
  15. alanathespacecat answered: Kate Bishop
  16. manticoreimaginary answered: My votes go to Polaris, Scarlet Witch, and Domino :)
  17. amazon-x answered: Uh…is there room for Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch?
  18. choriarty answered: Sam Alexander! Pleeeaase? :’D
  19. coloneldanvers-captainmarvel answered: Captain Marvel
  20. narrativecausalities answered: ms marvel
  21. alternis answered: Can I suggest either The Scarlet Witch or Miss America?
  22. avenging-genius answered: Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler :3 Our favorite blue fuzzy elf. I dont like what they did in the X-Men movies with him. AT ALL. He’s fuzzy! FGS.
  23. kdntjb answered: Kate Bishop!
  24. scarletkittie answered: Scarlet Witch or Spitfire would be fab!
  25. chainedhawk answered: Coulson!!!
  26. yellowis4happy answered: OH, I KNOW, I KNOW! Yelena Belova, please! She’s such a fascinating character.
  27. lendsomecolor answered: Danny Rand-K’ai or Matt Murdock?
  28. fringe-element answered: Dracy Darcy Darcy Darcy Darcy?
  29. tumpkin33 answered: niko from the runaways
  30. kittycat78 answered: kate bishop :D
  31. lucyliuism answered: tommy shepherd and everyone else from ya/runaways if you’re not.already doing them would be really cool :D
  32. iron-han answered: Have Bobbi Morse or Sebastian Shaw been requested yet? I know Shaw was supposedly in First Class, but shh. HFC Shaw is better.
  33. northstarfan answered: As the name might suggest, big fan of Northstar. ;)
  34. jackholantern answered: Amora the Enchantress maybe?
  35. ultimatere-za answered: please do more for young avengrs and runaways character, can you?
  36. aryastarkins answered: Wanda?
  37. grandadmiral answered: TOMMY SHEPHERD <3 pleaseunlessyou’realreadydoingtheyoungavengers. <3 yourartisamazing.
  38. freshprinceofgothamcity answered: Miss America and Kid Loki… please? uou
  39. thievingbadgers answered: white tiger
  40. elle-driver answered: Spider-woman or Jessica Drew?
  41. talpy answered: Victor from the Runaways?
  42. carliscrazy answered: Billy Kaplan: Wiccan
  43. uchidachi answered: OMG I just found your blog so I don’t knwo if it’s rude to ask so soon but: Scarlet Witch?
  44. the-boy-who-was-a-crow answered: Young Avengers! Specifically Kate, Billy or Teddy would be awesome :]
  45. monkey6948 answered: Wiccan
  46. the-jacksquatch answered: Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman!
  47. peterquills answered: namor :(
  48. fuckyeahmissamerica answered: Miss America Chavez